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What Are The Important Points To Lookout For In A Ceiling Fan?

Winter is coming to an end and the days of bright summer are on its way. During summer, the temperature rises to extreme level because of increasing global warming and you need to switch on the A/C’s and ceiling fans to cool down the temperature.  Air conditioners are best in keeping the heat way, but cannot be switched on for the whole day as it consumes a lot of electricity which will cost you a lot of money. The best way to keep the heat way during summers is to turn on the ceiling fans as they keep the room temperature cool and also doesn’t consume too much electricity. Before purchasing a ceiling fan, consider the points mentioned below as it will help you to pick the top rated ceiling fans. Check out the fan control

  • Ceiling fans are also switched on while the air conditioner is running as it is responsible for pushing the cool air in the whole room. So, while purchasing a fan make sure it has a capacitor control so that you can keep the fan in control. However, the new models can be controlled directly through a remote which make things easy for you.
Check out the fan blades A ceiling fan usually comes with three to five blades, but the number of blades doesn’t affect the fan performance. However, the length of a fan blade makes a huge difference in air speed. So, whenever buying a fan makes sure to look out the fan blades are of perfect length in order to enjoy more cool air. Height matters the most
  • All the ceiling fans have a standard height and are perfect for any normal room. However, if your room has a high ceiling, then a ceiling fan might not prove to be too effective. In such case, you should also buy a down rod that will lower the fan height and help you to enjoy the cool air. So, check out the room height before buying any ceiling fan.
  • The fan blade comes in different sizes and ranges from 24-60’’. So, buy a fan with 24-42’ blade size for a small room and 44-60’’ for a medium or large room in order to maintain proper cooling in a room
Purchase a fan with higher CFM:
  • Cubic Feet of Airflow per Minute (CFM) is responsible for the cooling factor and a fan with higher CFM will contribute more cooling that will keep the room cooler. However, a fan with higher CFM will require a better motor that will consume more electricity. A cost incurred by a fan with a better motor and higher CFM is quite low as compared to the cost incurred by an air conditioner.
Check out the fan efficiency
  • Most of the new models of ceiling fans come with an ENERGY STAR seal that are much more efficient as compared to the other models. If you purchase a fan with more efficiency, then you can save up to 10% on the summer electricity bills which is definitely a big amount. A normal average of a ceiling fan is around 70 watts, so try to buy a fan who average less than 70 watts in order to enjoy more benefits.
These are some of the important points which you must look out in a ceiling fan before buying it, as it will help you to save a lot of money. For better models, search over the internet and you can easily find top rated ceiling fans which are more efficient and less costly.

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